Ekraj Gajurel talks about Yoga & Wellness

Ekraj Gajurel talks about Yoga & Wellness

15th April 2019

Ekraj Gajurel, Yoga Guru and Wellness Consultant at Tranquility Spa, has been in this field for many years now and has proved to be an exemplary Yoga teacher with his expertise and insights of the most ancient mind-body, holistic practice – Yoga. In an era of fad diets, six pack abs and size zero figures stands this gentle form of exercise: Yoga – which has stood the test of time.

He says, “ Simply conducting the Yoga asans won’t help your body but rather a complete wellness package is required for a healthy mind and body which includes different forms of meditation for the mental functioning, cleansing exercises like Jal Neti ( Nasal cleansing yoga  technique which uses water to purify and clean the nasal path, right from the nostrils to the throat),  Kunjala/ Kunjal Kriya  ( A cleansing technique and a Indian healing system of Ayurveda which involves ingesting warm saline water and then expelling it in order to clean out the stomach and upper digestive tract) and many other forms of cleansing techniques that has been followed by Ayurveda since time immemorial.

Gajurel shares his experiences as a yoga master in The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi, Umaid Bhawan Palace - Taj Hotels and Resorts and Brightland Resort & Spa and discloses how yoga changed the life of many people who were suffering from anxieties and having a tedious life.

Tranquility Spa, understanding the need of Yoga practices for the clients, has many forms of Yoga asans included in the package as per the flexibility of the clients. The first one is the morning yoga session where all the basic yoga asans including therapeutic, basics like Surya Namaskar, Pranayama and other general forms of metabolic exercises are performed in guidance of Yoga master Ekraj Gajurel.

Apart from this, Tranquility Spa also specializes in providing private yoga sessions to its respected clients so that our Yoga master could personally consult with the guest and understand what type of asan would be suitable to him/her and then design a program together which could last from 2 days to one month depending upon the need of the guest be it stress management or other body cleansing detox programs.

Anyone who gets introduced to yoga practice at the initial stage notices that there are literally hundreds and thousands of different types of yoga asanas with distinct techniques of their own. However, whoever wants to reap the benefits of yoga, it is very important to perfect the yoga techniques. Spiritual leaders and yogis have long given a lot of importance on the intense physical discipline of the asanas. Not only the asanas have a distinct beneficial aspect for our bodies but for mental stability as well.


Tranquility Spa enrolls the best of yoga master to make sure our guests could reap maximum benefits from their visit!