Get into the festive mood with Tranquility Spa

Get into the festive mood with Tranquility Spa

03rd September 2019

After the completion of the vibrant Gai Jatra and the holy thread of Janai Purnima, we are back into the festive mood with the biggest festival of Hindu women, Teej. But along with the festive fun, what follows is the exhaustion after the completion of all the rituals making you look out for some chill time.

Popular as a festival which symbolizes the reunion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Teej teaches us the sacrifice of wife to win the heart of husband. However, that’s not just limited to this. Dancing in the traditional lyrical melodies, decked up in red sarees and red tika along with beautiful bangles and worshipping Shiva for the well-being of husband and entire family after the heavy feast has been the basics of celebrating Teej for ages. The festival is followed by a heavy feast known as, “Dar” which marks the get-together of families, friends and all the loved ones.

However, among all the fun moments, endless dance parties and fasting, something that cannot be ignored is the toll these excitements take on the body. Whether you’re in need of after-party polish or a morning-after lifeline, Tranquility Spa has surely got it covered with our Monsoon offer which is surely going to help you relax, rejuvenate and unwind the festive stress to renew your skin and help you get back to the daily schedule. The offer is up so that you get ready for the mood that’s waited for you with us in the best of rejuvenating style.

Make memories and have fun with all the rituals on the way but don’t forget to pamper your body because this is what remains with you every time!!