Shrawan Is Here With The Craze Of Mehendi

Shrawan Is Here With The Craze Of Mehendi

28th August 2019

With the arrival of Shrawan, the green color is ruling not only nature but also the wrists of Nepalese women. It is not just an addition of green color to the attires or accessories but there is much more about Mehendi/ Henna painting in palms with beautiful designs. There are many beliefs and sentiments associated with ‘Mehendi’ imprints. The most popular is that ‘the darker is the color of your Mehendi, the more you are loved by your husband or by mother in-law’. Even though, such beliefs make Mehendi tattoo, a well-celebrated tradition, the actual significance of Henna is often overshadowed today.

Tranquility Spa brings to you a list of unknown facts about Mehendi which are usually disregarded.

  • 1.Mehendi as a Medicinal Herb

Application of Mehendi before any ritual/event helps to prevent or lessen stress as a result it cools your body keeping the nerves slack. In addition to this, henna is considered to be a widely used home remedy for fever, anti-inflammatory, and headache.

  • As an Antiseptic Agent

Henna can be applied to wounds, scrapes and burns. It acts as an antiseptic. It adds a protective layer against foreign substances and pathogen. Also, it has natural cooling abilities which extracts heat from the skin. Applying the soaked leaves to the sunburns minimizes the pain.

  • Reduces Hair Loss

The issue of hair loss can be taken care by the proper use of Mehendi. People suffering with excessive hair loss can reduce the amount of hair fall to some extent. The paste is to be applied directly into your hair followed by a proper shampoo hair wash.

  • Hair Health & Color

Today, people use chemically prepared branded hair colors to beautify their hair. However, the use of henna has been proven to strengthen the hair, prevent dandruff, and improve the quality of hair. Henna covers the hair cuticle which functions to recover hair splits which improves the shine and quality. Thus, henna dyeing is safe and does not affect hair follicles permanently.

  •  Cure Fever

As per Ayurveda practices, henna is an exceptional medicine to control fever. Henna leaves rolled into a ball with water, placed in the hand will help bring temperature down either by inducing sweat to break the fever effectively, or simply cooling the body and providing relief.

  • Headache Reliever

Henna has been proven to be a gift for many people suffering from migraine attack as it helps to decrease the intensity. The juice of the henna plant can be directly applied to the skin for quick relief from headache. The anti-inflammatory property of the compounds present in henna helps to reduce the tension by assisting the healthy blood flow in the capillaries, which usually is a cause for headaches and migraines.

  • Detoxification

The liver is a crucial part of our body which helps to eliminate the toxins that exists in our body. To show some gratitude to your liver, soak the bark or leaves of the henna plant in water and consume the liquid. Studies show perfect improvement of spleen and liver by the consumption of henna.

All these show that an application of Mehendi is not merely a traditional ritual but more of a fair package of benefits. Next time, you apply one, remember the advantages of Henna and have faith to live a tranquil and healthy life with an ingredient which has been here for ages.